Friday, January 21, 2005

Don't Spend a Dime Day

Yesterday was the second inaurgaration day or what we like to call "OH MY GOD, How did that idiot get into office again?" Every time that moron opens his mouth, I expect "LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT" to fall out. I hope "Spend Not One Damn Dime" Day worked out well.

Ok, so I have this encounter with this woman at church who is the most frustrating, mean person I have ever met. She is single and lonely and needs friends, but she has so much baggage that no one wants to be with her. So offensive that everyone stops feeling sorry for her after 1 encounter. She has called everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) at church to arrange for people to bring goodies on Sundays. Everyone wants to get rid of her so they agree to bring things and then she calls them over and over to remind them. So Sunday is our big meeting at church, and I have been assigned the task of getting donuts or bagels or whatever carbo we can stuff in our mouths while enduring the mind-numbing boredom that is the annual church meeting. But first, I have to call this woman to see if she has assigned goodies for that Sunday and cancel them or complement them. How do I get these assignments? Because no one in the church office wants to deal with her. So I call her and present my case. RedheadEditor: "Hi, I have been asked to get the goodies for the annual meeting, and I'm just checking with you before I do. Do you have the list of people bringing goodies this Sunday?" Mean Obnoxious Woman: "I've asked (our priest) to tell me when there are special circumstances on Sundays, and he never does. I make my calls on Friday. I'll call you back." And she hangs up. She calls back minutes later. Me: Hello MOW: "I made my calls, but no one was home because they are all out earning a living. Bring what you want." And she hung up again. I don't even want to mention that this woman must weigh 500 lbs and is missing a her right arm and hand so you can't even pass the peace with her at church. Now I know that she is mean and gruff and have no doubts why she doesn't have friends. But I try to keep it amiable. She is one of God's children. I wanna hit the woman. Don't be hanging up on me.


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