Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The basis of a good marriage

Mabel and I went to shoe shopping today and then off to Target for the umpteenth time. (How many is umpteen?) At SuperMartket of Shoes we looked at "tennis" shoes (although I don't even know how to play tennis). She found a pair of up-to-the-knees black boots that are hot and sexy and will make boys want to take calculus from her. She couldn't help herself. At Target, she has been lusting after a particular skirt and pair of pants on the sale rack. She got the flirty skirt. I got another watch. Both massively on sale. As we left this is what she said.

Mabel: I won't tell dad that you got a new watch if you don't tell him I got another pair of shoes. He thinks I'm a little out of control.
Redheadeditor: DUH! How do you think I made it to 25 years of marriage? Lies and deceit. It sure wasn't good looks and hot sex.
Mabel: Ok, you're done.
RHE: Don't kids want to know that their parents are hot sexual humans?
Mabel: I said YOU'RE DONE. Is it a promise?
RHE: Of course, it's our secret.

The testosterone in the family is not a mean, money-watching hawk. Matter of fact, he is oblivious to any money exchange, but the less he knows, the better. So this is an easy promise to keep.


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