Thursday, January 13, 2005

Random wintery blogging

Random blogging today. I hate that I have to learn HTML coding to work this puppy. When I started the blog, my profile was to the side. Then it popped to the bottom and no matter what I did, I couldn't get it up. (An age-old problem) Then a friend with a blog showed me how to add other people's blogs and sites I like and they went to the bottom of the blog along with my profile. Then yesterday everything popped up to the top. I didn't do anything do make it move so I'm thinking that part of coding is telepathy. WANTING it makes it so!

After consulting with a friend, I'm not naming my second daughter "Bertha." I'll name her "Dorothy" instead. In real life, Mabel was Dorothy's mother, Dorothy being my grandmother. Bertha has too many cow-milking qualities and my friend doesn't want my daughter traumatized. Plus, if you know me, you'll know which daughter I'm talking about. Soon Mabel goes back to school, and I won't be talking about her much. Tonight is opening night for Dorothy's play. It was cancelled and then merely postponed from October when a student at the high school committed suicide the night before opening night. Even thought the play doesn't have anything to do with suicide, the title is "Appointment with Death" and the kids postponed it out of good taste. I was so proud of the kids. But that meant after 8 weeks of working on building the set and then working backstage, the play went POOF in one minute. I think it upset Dorothy more than she admitted. (She did not know the young man who died.) So they broke apart the set and stored it. Now they have rebuilt it and she is on fly, which means she is the one with the ropes who brings the things down from the ceiling. (Her arms are killing her.) But then the snow came. Who knows what's going to happen tonight?

Which brings me to my next random thought? If you are reading this from St. Louis, you will understand what I'm talking about. If you aren't from here (and I doubt that since I don't have that far-ranging fan base... yet), you will not believe this weather. Yesterday it was balmy. I mean it. April weather. A little cloudy and almost 70 degrees. Today? Big wet snow flakes that are clinging to the branches and signposts. Rumor (weather reports) say it will dive into the teens tonight turning any slush into ice. I love Missouri weather. I love January. I love the fact that I don't have to drive in this weather.

So Mabel and I ate in today. Fresceta pizza. Potato, bacon and onion. And since Ms. Fussy Pants is a quasi vegetarian who hates onions, she piled everything but the potatoes on my pieces and then we added globs of (Lite) sour cream. Delicious. Now I am going to make some hot chocolate and go read a book while watching the beautiful snow. One of these days I will actually figure out how to post pictures on this damn thing.


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