Friday, January 07, 2005

Mabel and the Air Band

When you're as funny as I am, you tend to produce funny children. They are in the environment of wit and humor so why wouldn't they be funny, too. Sometimes, they make me laugh very hard, and I almost don't make it to the bathroom. They also make fun of me for having to go pee all the time. But I remind them that it beats the alternative. Peeing my pants!

[Footnote: Should I have made-up names for my children so freaks out there don't stalk them? One blog out there renamed her daughters Matilda and Gert. I guess it would give me a chance to give my daughters names that I wouldn't have ordinarily given them. My luck, I would forget which one is which. How 'bout Mabel and Bertha? Those were my grandmothers.]

Anyway, Em (Mabel) and I were out shopping all over today from Sam's (the owner of the Evil Empire), Target, back to Sam's, Barnes & Noble, and Gordman's. And yes, I peed in every single store since we bought a "bladder buster" at Sams and refilled it when we went back for our photos. So sue me.

Mabel got a lot of $$ for B&N so she was looking at books while I looked at 50% off calendars. When I found her in the MATH section (Did you KNOW there was a MATH section?), I told her to hold my purse and the calendar I picked out because I had to go to the bathroom. She asked, "Bad bathroom?" and then gave that scrunched up face of, "Oh God, don't let me be the daughter of a woman who poops in public?" I asked, "As opposed to good bathroom?" Not to worry. I asked her what was the big deal. She said, "It just lets me know whether I'll be looking at books for 30 seconds or 30 minutes." Funny kid. At Gordman's we found choice shirts she could wear when she becomes a teacher like "I don't do nice."

We ended our shopping at Shop 'n Save where we got a routissiere chicken. We walked in and there was the display of Krispy Kremes. Now we don't live near a KK and so we rarely, if ever, frequent that joint (although the one in Fenton is right next to a McDonalds. Is that heaven or what?) so we both looked at each other like "What chicken?" It was as if we were rendered stupid for a second and forgot why we were here. And of course as we busted out laughing, we threw the box of doughnuts into the cart and moisied onto the chicken section. I remembered that we had spent the week eating leftover spinach and artichoke dip from my sister's NYE party and suggested we buy the ingredients (since we were already going to hell with the box of Krispy Kremes in the cart). Mabel's memory of the week we consumed the dip had a different twist, "Oh that would account for the air band in the house." And she was right. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea.

And I didn't even go potty at Shop 'n Save... but we did race to the bathroom when we got home.


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