Saturday, January 08, 2005

Help, she's throwing away my bows!

Mabel, that beotch, got a wild hair up her ass and decided to clean the hall closet. You know the one... the one with bags of bags (from Schnucks and Walgreens just in case the stock market crashes again), old coats from the 70s, every fanny pack ever made including one with a Batman logo on it, decades of tee-shirts being saved for a quilt, and every scarf, hat, and glove we have ever worn or received as gifts. I agreed, in part, that some things needed to be weeded out. But my bows?

When were those HUGE bows in style? Was it the 80s or 90s? I can't remember. But I got the genius idea to use an old belt I was no longer wearing as a holder and clipped all these humongous bows to it. I had long hair and used those bows daily. I had every color, every textures, ones for dress-up, ones for church, ones that matched just one outfit that I have long since outgrown. Bows bows bows bows bows. And Mabel thinks they have run their course and that someone at Goodwill would want them. And then she mentioned "Costume" closets.

God, she is mean. She tried to throw out an old denim jacket of her father's until I convinced her that it was from his high school days (the 70s) along with his scarf from Southwest High School that now looks as if it belongs to a classmate of Harry Potter's. (I can't remember which house at Hogwarts has yellow and green for their colors.) I had to throw my body in front of that one. He also has a lab coat from some class he took in college (also from the 70s) that we refuse to give up. Then she got ahold of my "track" suit. I use "track" so loosely because I can't count on 1 hand the number of times I have been on or NEAR a track, but this one is gorgeous. (Wish I knew how to attach photos to this blog! Words won't do it justice.) Ok, so its basic color is green, but it's patchwork with crushed velvet squares with green and brown nylon (that rustles when you walk) and gold lamé piping. A thing of beauty... in its day.

It's going to Goodwill... the one on Manchester if you want to run out and buy it next week. I gave away scarves that had lost fringe, gloves without pairs, purses that you could wash, denim jumpers that no one but teachers should be caught dead in. Gone is my bow collection and the satiny "track" suit. Thank God, the lab coat from college and the denim jacket and high school scarf were saved. Whew.


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