Wednesday, January 05, 2005

New Year's Resolutions

In the spirit of Sarah Lynn who has listed some resolutions, I received these today from our church's newsletter. I like them.
* Spend twenty minutes every day with God, in silence.
* Take a two-mile walk every day.
* Write a letter each week to a distant friend or relative.
* Volunteer at a food bank or an after school tutorial program.
* Decline second helpings of food that aren't good for you.
* Say "I love you" to somebody every day.
* Give away every item of clothing you didn't wear last year.
* Sign up for an educational program at church.
* Memorize the text of a favorite hymn.
* Sing that hymn when you're driving along.
* Learn a new hymn; sing it, too.
* Say something kind to someone you don't care for.
* Keep a journal.
* If something bothers you, try to fix it. Then let God handle it.
* Give your best friend a copy of your favorite book.
* Pray for the church every day.
* When you feel inclined to criticize, don't.
* Meditate on a psalm every day.
* Every month do one thing you've never done before.


At 9:51 AM, Blogger steve said...

My resolution is to succumb to temptation. I find that as I age, less and less really tempts me to the point of succumbing.


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