Saturday, January 29, 2005

DO NOT join Curves

I am livid! 2005 was the year I was/am going to get into shape. It's not about numbers, but I plan to get back into off-the-rack clothes and not 20s in the Big Girl section of Target. I have got to get off my fat ass and work out for my heart, my bones, my health. So after many weeks of juggling between the 'Y," Curves, or taking yoga, I decided on Curves. I was so proud of myself. I went in last Friday and signed up for a year. I have gone 4 times already and am very proud of myself.

Then today, I got this news. I cannot, in good conscience, support this organization that donates millions of dollars to the anti-choice movement. Every article I read on the internet gets worse and worse. There are even articles from anti-choice websites defending Gary Heavin and his tactics. This man went bankrupt, divorced his wife, and lost custody of his children before marrying his second wife after meeting her from prison when he was convicted of not paying child support. Sleeeeeezoid!

I am trying to stay calm because I have a year membership, but I am looking into the facts. I am looking into a website called Curvers for Choice. It is helping me get the facts on what organizations Gary Heavin supports and how I can live with this contractural agreement. For now, I shall wear my purple bracelet. I may even begin to wear my Pro-faith, Pro-family, Pro-Choice button into the store while exercising. I will make a statement every time I enter and spread the word for others not to join. I will not give up the fight.


At 12:41 PM, Blogger Frecklehead said...

Nice blog! I found you because I did a search for my own blog to see if it came up (yes, I have that kind of time on my hands at work) and found yours, too! I'm

Just thought I'd say hi!! Have a great one

At 11:41 AM, Anonymous Bruce said...

Ellen: A little tip on healthclubs and their progeny. Their first choice is almost always, if not always, getting people to sign up long term, and then not go at all. They get the money, without any additional costs arising out of your membership. So, best way to screw them is to go as often as possible, and don't resign when the membership expires. I know, bon bons and Oprah sounds like a moer appealing option, but, as Ms. Winfrey would instruct: "You go [to Curves] girl."

At 11:41 AM, Anonymous Bruce said...

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