Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Unemployment math

The university at which I work has been and continues to be under a budget crunch. It started when I started 2 years ago with no raises and continues. But, as you can imagine, we were/are so grateful for our jobs that no one complains. I get that. An article in this weekend's paper continues to explain the growth of the campus despite the lack of pay raises. Here's the paragraph of interest to me:

MU payroll grows despite salary freeze

Also adding to some of the payroll increase is the fact MU hired two new deans this yearand both are paid more than their predecessors. Xxxxx Xxxx dean of the College of X, is making $191,000. In the Trulaske School of Business, new Dean Xxxx Xxxxx is making $295,000 — $50,000 more than predecessor Xxxxx Xxxxxx. The business school dean swap also isn’t a wash because Xxxxxx remains on the faculty, now earning $222,624.

Of interest because they are paying the new dean of the place I worked the old dean's salary PLUS mine. Now, don't get me wrong. I wouldn't want that man's job even if I were qualified (which I'm not). He has a horrible mess to deal with as my former college's budget is even worse than MU overall. But I wonder how that conversation went down. "So, here's our salary offer, but if you lay off so 'n so, we can pay you even more." Oh well, it's in the past. But did you see the salaries of the School of Business dean and professor? That's almost 10 times my salary. Jeeeeeesus Cheeeerist! Wonder what School of Law dean makes. (All of this is public record, by the way.) What's the moral of that story??? Major in business. But for a campus in financial straits, how can they be paying people these salaries and then scream budget cuts??? Well, I obviously don't know what the eff I'm talking about since I didn't major in business. Again, majored in the wrong thing.

Well, today was week 2 of work. I've managed to wake up every morning and get to work on time which is great since I open up the place. I finally have access to most things at work and just need to fill out my benefits paperwork. And don't even get me started about savings etc because that makes me a nervous wreck. My brain is about to explode most days. I am too old to learn so much new shit. And I feel terribly inadequate most days and forgetful and would like to win the Lottery any given day and sleep late, not wear shoes, and watch Oprah. But that's in no way complaining. It is what it is. Life.

I take my lunch and walk every day around campus. I gained 5 lbs my first 2 weeks back at work, and I have no idea how that is happening. Work is bad for your health, perhaps??I am sleeping MUCH better because I am exhausted. All good. And I'm blogging, Sailor Dave, so you can't yell at me (or wag your finger). But I do love holding your hand when we walk.

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At 8:19 PM, Blogger Sailor said...

Good Job!

I'm not even gonna respond to the salary part, I've never figured education/administration discrepancies out, even for the local school district.

Keep walkin!


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