Friday, May 01, 2009

Button, button, who's got the...

I cannot believe it has been 3 months since I last posted. Blame it on facebook. I have been sucked in . I do not, for one moment, believe I have any followers left but will use this space for journaling. And just in case some of you are not on Facebook.

So what have I been up to? Nuttin' much. It's been cold in Missouri. Wore the winter coat up through last week, had one week of spring, and now it's cold and rainy again. My craft for this past winter/spring was in the form of buttons. When Sailor Boy's mother died last year, he and his sister gave me her entire button collection. Now, if you know me, you know I love love love buttons, and I was so humbled by the gesture. But as you can imagine, they were the last (or one of the last) thing I was holding onto. I couldn't exactly just send them back since both he and his sister wanted me to have them, but I couldn't exactly keep them.

So I came up with this plan. Fashioned after a wreath made my of my mother's terribly ugly jewelry that my sister made me for Christmas, I came up with the wreath idea. How do you like it? I am so in love with the final outcome.
In the second picture notice the "L" made of shell buttons since his mother's name begins with an "L." (Figure it out yourself.) I had enough buttons to make his sister a wreath and him a smaller version and have some set aside for my collection. It took hours just to wash the buttons from decades of dirt. And soon I will mail the wreaths to Florida and DC so they can have these mementos of their mother. I know, I am crazy for giving them away, but I just couldn't keep them. And I did put some back for my own personal collection.

Valentine's Day was lovely. Went to KC to go dancing. Stayed in a lovely hotel that made Las Vegas look like a joke. Got some fancy unmentionables from Vicky Secrets. March found me in Springfield at another blues concert. April saw the Mizzou Tigers getting into the Elite Eight NCAA basketball tournament beating Cornell, Marq uette, and Memphis before losing to UConn. Columbia was pretty damn excited. And our coach is sticking around till 2016. It's been fun. Now it's baseball season. Help me!

Tried Soft Paws on the kitty. She does not like them. I glue them on. She chews them off. I glue them on. She glues them off. Well, you get the picture. I thought since she is the sweetest cat in the world that she would tolerate them, but I was wrong. Lovely Shephard suggested I tried a sizzle rope scratching post, but she is ignoring it. As for scratching my brand new couch, let's just say she'd better get a lawyer. I don't want to declaw the little kitty, but I might have to. I have heard they do it by laser now so it's not as cruel. What do you think?

April was still chilly, but I got to KC again and saw my old sex ed buddies on the Plaza before spending the evening dancing. I'm a wild woman. Ha! I am being treated beautifully by a wonderful gentleman we'll call Blues Man. Great cook, makes me breakfast in bed, takes me dancing, loves my cat, and puts down the toilet seat.

Saw the last episode of ER which I have not missed in all 15 years. And am mourning the loss of Bea Arthur. As you may remember, I spend the summer on the couch sobbing over every Lifetime movie and laughing over hours of Golden Girls. I knew I had hit rock bottom when I watched a 4-hr marathon in memory of Estelle Getty. But damn it, those ladies kept me going this summer and now I mourn the loss of Dorothy Zbornak. I would do well to model my life after these 4 wonderful women.

Our choir's Broadway production in March was a big hit. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man, Oklahoma, Climb Every Mountain. Every cheesy Broadway number out there. With choreography. YIKES! Old people singing AND dancing. And now, we are is putting on the finishing touches for our concert of Mozart's Requiem next week. One daughter, 2 sisters, and Blue Man are coming (along with 4 other friends). I have a posse!

Going to Bonnie Raitt next week for Blues Man's birthday. Life is good.

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At 3:22 AM, Blogger Marianna said...

How big is the wreath? Is it a bracelet, or bigger? Cool idea ~ I never knew there was such an interest in buttons...


At 2:51 PM, Blogger Diann said...

Still hanging in there with you even though seldom posting - good to know you are still out there. Facebook has sucked us all in.


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