Friday, June 01, 2007

The Black Panther

Do you know the amazing Shephard of Shephard's Alley? I merely asked him what the Medicine Cards might say for my future. Check his Monday blog posts as he plays with Medicine Cards that I do not quite understand. I am still paying for my STBX to live in our house while it is on the market. While I am trying not to be angry and bitter, it is wearing thin as he has lived there for free since October. He finally got a job in April, but since it's commission, he cannot (or will not) help pay for the mortgage. We need to sell this damn house and soon so we can move on which is why I asked Shephard for some guidance. After grounding himself, he asked, "What is it that Redhead Educator needs to focus on most right now so that the details of her life will fall into place." This will freak your freak. Here is what he drew (with a few editorial comments from Shephard):

Black Panther: Embracing the Unknown.

Facing fears, exploring the inner self that makes you tick.
The card signifies that now is the perfect time in your life to delve into the places within yourself that need healing. Black Panther specifically says not to worry about the future. Trust that you are not supposed to mentally figure it out. These obstacles are merely symptoms. They are not the cause of fears or blockages. Solutions do not come from seeing things as black and white, good and bad. Solutions will come from understanding the choices you made, and the beliefs you have invested in that created those choices. Let go of negative people, limiting thoughts and fear of being alone. Embrace being alone. Because it is temporary. You are your best parent. You have to take charge of your fears as if they were the children you love dearly and tell them to pipe down, quit panicking and sit still. When the fog of fear and worry clears, your head will find clarity, and the decisions you need to make will become obvious as they appear in front of you. But all the what-if's and fears are distractions, and they make it hard to see clearly. You have to see with different eyes than that. Be your own best parent and start taking care of yourself by letting go of those mental limitations. The card says the next step may be leaping empty-handed into the void with implicit trust. That's not an easy thing to do, esp. if life is filled with the new and unfamiliar.

To quiet each fear, follow each one to its worst-case scenario and plan how you would crush this fear. Have a plan for each fear, and you will begin to see the power and control you've always had. Use this time to ferret out the beliefs and choices you've made in life that have not worked out for you as you would want them to. Because as The Oracle in "Matrix: Reloaded" said: "You can never see past choices you don't understand."

This card indicates that now is a time to clean house, mentally and emotionally, and to make sure your head and mind are clear and not being strangled by "what-if's" and fears and resentments. That's your job right now. The card indicates that things do fall into place, and our job is to be ready for it. You'll know when it's time to act. Being ready for it is much easier than trying to force it. "Seems easier to push than to let go and trust." (Indigo Girls).

Can we all have a collective sigh?



At 7:03 AM, Blogger greekchickie said...

Black Panther is probably one of the most significant cards I have drawn. It couldn't have come at a better time, too. Fabulous card! Clean house & take care of self. Everything will fall into place!

Once you start making positive changes, positive things will come out of it, into your lap.


At 1:08 PM, Blogger Route66 said...

I can tell you from personal experience, the Medicine Cards are...dare I say it...awesome! You know, it really helps to be reminded of the "cycles" of things. Right now, let your mantra be: "And this, too, shall pass." From an astrological standpoint, you may finds things continue to be at a standstill until around July 16. It has to do with a periodic occurrence called Mercury Retrograde. During MR, it's a good idea not to sign any contracts or enter into financial agreements -- the water will be so muddied, the air so static, miscommunication so pervasive (Mercury rules communication) that things would likely fall through or be hung up on technicalities, etc. In short, if you don't get an offer on your house before July 16, it might be a planetary blessing.

At 12:05 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Its the Fear of the Unknown I worry about


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