Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Help out a cousin

This is from my cousin's wife. Go to this website and buy a shirt for a good cause. Love the artwork. In recent news, Hillary Clinton compared Bush to Alfred E. Newman. Conan O'Brien reported that Bush replied, "Finally, a literary character I can relate to." Sandy had already drawn the above piece when she saw the resemblance last year. Way to go, Sandy.

All funds raised from the sale of the tee-shirt go to Sandy's son's cancer fund. "At 35 he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Of course, it was right after he lost his health insurance! He's doing OK but stressed by the debt, which Mom worries will cause a relapse. Of course, I worry, I'm MOM!"

Call for legislation that requires health insurance providers to have a cap on profits with the overage going to state level funding programs to assist US citizens in keeping a health plan between jobs or having those funds distributed to county health care services.


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