Monday, October 08, 2007

The difference a year makes

This is me a year ago driving back from Montana with Pam. Those aren't cows in the background. Those are buffalo. Work with me. I had just spent a week in the mountains of Montana at Leesa's and communing with nature. Ahhh, hell, I sat in a hot tub and drank wine for a week. Same diff. It snowed on that Monday as we drove through Vail and Aspen. I came back to St. Louis, bought this laptop and packed up to leave my husband.

Fast forward 365 days and it was 90 degrees in Missouri this weekend. Here I am at my 50th birthday celebration. More importantly, I am single and 60 lbs lighter and a whole lot happier. Well, that could be because I'm in love, but it could be a myriad of things that contribute to that sheer happiness. I have a dream job but no permanent place to live because my house still hasn't sold. But what is permanent? I keep reminding myself, through the financial burden and worry of the house, how happy I am. Check out that party photo. For those of you in bloggy world who couldn't stop by, I managed to set that feather boa on fire and expose my left breast, both accidentally and neither alcohol induced. Yes, that is a glass of champagne in my hand but that was all I had the entire evening. Which is scary when you think about it. I can start a fire and flash my boob without alcohol? God only knows what could happen if I were drinking.

I adore you all for being along for the ride, being there with me during this year. I sure won't forget it... well, at 50, I may forget it. But always know it was life altering.