Thursday, August 25, 2005

A picture crying for a caption

Stolen from an e-mail from Steve over at Hoi Poloi. Please feel free to write your own caption. It will be fun. My cousin's entry:

"The President calls for backup after getting his balls caught in his zipper...again."

Now it's your turn.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Lost: One gorgeous black and white kitty

Look who came to visit today. Dorothy's friend, Monica, found a cat near near house and brought it home while she looked for the owner. But when she brought it into her house, her other cat, Pandora, pitched a fit so she called up Dorothy and begged for us to keep it till they could find the owner. The black and white furball was wearing a collar with a nametag that read Chelsea so she has to have an owner out there somewhere. Despite some matted fur, she is in very good health. (Dorothy just couldn't take it any more and went out to buy a fine-toothed comb to unmat the fur like she did with her "cousin" Dory.) She is skinny, but then we were used to Dory. I think I know one of the secrets of Leesa's great cat photos: no clutter in the background. That may never happen in this house. I am hoping that Leesa's cat, Henderson, has gone the same way as Chelsea. Some nice family looking after it till it finds its way home.

Now that I've downloaded (uploaded?) the kitty photos, I have also downloaded photos of Dory (my sister's beautiful tabby) and other photos I can share with my blogger friends. I should be updating more often in the next few days with photos. (A big shout out to Frecklehead for teaching me how to add photos to my blog. Good luck moving to Boston this month, you gorgeous college-educated redhead!)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Dear Mom is up and running

My blogger friend, Frecklehead, over at Confessions of a Dangerous Redhead has started a new website slash blog called Dear Mom. I have it on my Link list if you would like to click over. It is really intriguing, and I find myself drawn to read the letters that daughters have left their mothers (although I think sons could give it a whirl, too). I will admit I am a bit intimidated to write a letter to my mother although the letter from me in 2005 would be a lot different than 1975, 1985, and 1995. I think I can write a letter now that she is dead much easier than when she was alive, but it will still be a difficult one to compose. So for now, I am a voyeur. You be one, too, and then submit your own. Frecklehead would appreciate it, and heck, it's cathartic!

On another subject, you would think adding chocolate syrup to questionable 3-week old milk would mask any problems. You would be wrong. So was I!